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5 Health Benefits of LEGS UP THE WALL POSE

If you have not tried yoga before, leg lifting exercise may be not familiar to you.  However, health benefits of this exercise are countless.  Legs up the wall pose may seem like a simple exercise, but in fact it is a form of therapy.

This position is called Vipatrika Karati in yoga which means well.. you guessed it.  Lifting the legs up onto the wall. Everybody can do this simple posture easily at home. It is performed  to strengthen the connection between mind and body. It is also useful for blood circulation.

Now, let us focus on the benefits of lifting the legs up:

1. It reduces the edema on the feet and legs

If you have swelling on your feet and legs, you may have circulatory disorder. You should know the underlying cause of this problem to protect your health.

Renal problems, cardiac diseases, obesity, drug side effects and an imbalanced diet may cause swelling on the feet and legs.

To resolve you problem for good, you should try to find out which one of these factors are causing the swelling.

If you just want to relax, lifting the legs up may be useful for you.

In a vertical position, the stagnant fluids in the feet and legs will start to move.

2. It relaxes tired legs

The best way to relieve the tension on the legs, feet and hips is to raise the legs up.

Much load is carried by these three regions during the day. Taking this position only for 20 minutes can relax you a lot.

3. It stimulates digestion

Lifting the legs up is an exercise known as active eversion.

Lifting the legs above the head mobilizes the body fluids and helps digestion.

Furthermore, it accelerates the bowel movements which provides absorption of more nutrients in the long term. It is also good for constipation and overall health.

4. It relieves the nervous system

This yoga pose allows you to breathe better.

Your lungs thereby are filled with more air when you inhale. So that you inhale and exhale in a calmer fashion.

Breathing correctly has a wonderful effect on your nervous system. It can relieve the tension on the muscles, upper stomach and sinuses.

5. It relieves the mind

Try to do this pose for 20 minutes a day. You will feel an instant physical relieve which in turn relaxes your mind immediately.

This pose helps the brain to get more oxygen. It can also give you increased body awareness.

Now that you know the benefits of this pose, we can focus on how to do it properly.

Place a small pillow under the hollow area of your lower back. In this way, you can assume a balanced position.

Now lift up your legs vertically on the wall while you extend your arms on your sides.

Keep this position for about 15 to 20 minutes without doing anything.

Feel the balance of your body in this pose. The blood circulation on your head and chest will become more balanced and you will feel very comfortable.

Wear loose clothes that do not tighten the abdomen and ankles while assuming this pose. Tight clothes prevent blood circulation and create an adverse effect.

You will see the benefits in no time when you do this pose regularly.

However, if you have a deformity on your back, you should refrain from doing this pose





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