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Menstruation is a natural and important body function in woman body. Considering that a woman spends 10 years of her life on her period, we can say that knowing the right information is crucial. Different cultures had a lot of superstitions and false information throughout the years. We can see that some of these beliefs are downright wrong and misleading.

Now, let’s take a look at some of these beliefs and which ones are wrong.

1. You are not allowed to take a bath

It is understandable that women refrain from having a bath during their periods. Commonly it is believed that a hot bath can cause or spread infections and even increase bleeding. What we need to know that there is no wound that causes the bleeding.  It’s the endometrium which separates from the endometrial wall.

A hot bath relaxes the blood vessels and abdominal muscles. Relaxation in turn reduces the menstrual cramps. But before taking a bath, please make sure that your bath tub is clean. If ypu are worried about getting an infection you can use tampons.

2. You are not allowed to swim in a pool or ocean

Another superstition about periods is that you shouldn’t swim in a pool or open water. If you use a tampon or a menstrual cup, water will never get in your body. On the contrary, swimming is beneficial for the body. It allows releasing tension from the muscles and reducing pain.

A well maintained pool won’t cause an infection. However, we advise you to swim in an under-maintained pool or a crowded sea.

3. Periods gets worse when it is cold

This is definitely true information that every woman should bear in mind. Because cold weather can prolong the period and even cause pain.

During the winter, period duration is longer than summer months. Woman living in colder climates are known to have longer and heavier periods that woman living in warmer areas.

Seasons can also affect Pre Menstrual Tension. Short and darker days can adversely affect your mood when combined with female productive hormones. It can be beneficial to spend warm days of fall and winter in regards to general health and a healthy period. Your body accumulates vitamin D and raises your dopamine levels under sun.

4. You don’t get pregnant when you’re on period

So many woman believe that they can’t get pregnant on their periods. This is simply not true and it should not be considered as a birth control method.

Although unlikely, there is a small chance that you can get pregnant during a period. Sperms can survive in the body for up to 6 days. So if you have a short cycle and have sex at the end of your period, there is a chance that you may have live sperms in your body which can cause an unwanted pregnancy.

5. Periods can affect how you sound and smell  (This one is TRUE)

According to vocalization researchers, women’s voice tone change slightly during menstrual cycle. This is due to the reproductive hormones affecting the vocal cords. A research suggests that women sound different and even less attractive while on their periods

The same hormones also affect body smell. This is a very subtle change and you can easily not notice the difference unless you’re paying attention. This is a trait we bring from our caveman days which makes men to be attracted to ovulating women and keeping away from menstruating ones.

6. You’ll have a hard time when dying hair

It is common belief that the hormonal changes prevent hair dye to spread evenly which is not true. Scientists have proven that during periods, hair might be a bit hard to shape. However hair still normally produces sebum. So you can dye your hair anytime even in your period without any problem.


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