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DETOX YOUR LUNGS in a Few Days With This Miracle Recipe!

The sign on the pack is quite true. “Smoking kills!”

According to World Health Organisation more than 1 billion people smoke cigarettes. 7 million people die yearly from tobacco-related diseases. This means tobacco is responsible for a death in every 6 seconds. So if you want to see a famous serial killer, look no further. It may be sitting on a regular coffee table.

The reason why smokers continue smoking is the nicotine. Nicotine is the chemical that creates the addiction. Over time, the body gets used to having nicotine. And just like any other addiction, the more you smoke, the more nicotine you need in order to feel normal. Continuous smoking damages lungs even further.

The best health advice is surely to quit smoking for good. But if you find it hard to quit at this point in your life, you can reduce the damage with some herbal remedies. Here is a miraculous formula that can cleanse your lungs in just three days.

This remedy can also be a valuable support in your quitting effort.


1 thumbsized ginger
400 grams of chopped onion
2 tsp of turmeric
1 liter of water
Organic honey to sweeten the mixture (optional)

Instructions for preparation:

Boil the water.
Put chopped onions and ginger piece in water.
Put some more grated ginger and the turmeric in.
Bring the temperature down and let the mixture boil a few minutes more.

The more you boil it, the more potent the it will be. You can dilute the mixture if you are sensitive to intense flavors.

Drink thix mixture two times a day, preferably two hours before breakfast and two hours after dinner. It can also be helpful to drink right after you smoked a cigarette.

Give this mixture a try and at the same time try to expand the time between cigarettes. Your lungs will recover much faster when given more smoke free time. You can occasionally sip this mixture in small amounts throughout the day when you are quiting.

Your lungs will thank you after a week of drinking this wonderful mixture.


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