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Do you know that a single nose hair follicle will grow about 6 ½ feet (2 meters) over the course of your life? As we get older, nose hairs get thicker, longer and more noticeable.

As unsightly as they may be, nose hairs play an important role in keeping us healthy.  In this video we explain why they should not be plucked or waxed.

1. Infections

Nose hairs have an important place in the body’s defense system. They keep dust, allergens, and other small particles from entering your lungs. Plucking or removing too much of them in any way may make lungs susceptible to these pollutants and increase the risk of infection.

The triangular area between the corners of the mouth and the bridge of the nose is known as the danger triangle. The infections occurring in this area can lead to serious complications, even carry a death risk. The same veins that carry blood out of the nose meet up with veins that carry blood out from the brain. For this reason, an infection in this area can lead to conditions like brain abscess or bacterial meningitis .

Besides plucking nose hair, nose picking, excessive nose blowing and getting a nose piercing can lead to infections.

2. Ingrown hairs

An ingrown hair is a common complication of hair plucking. It occurs when the hair can’t emerge from its follicle and grows under the skin. Ingrown hairs can occur mostly in the areas such as face, arm pits and pubic region as well as on the nose. Common ingrown nose hair symptoms include tenderness, irritation and itchiness. Ingrown hairs usually heal by themselves. However if they become a chronic problem you should consult to a doctor.

How can we get rid of nose hairs in a healthy way?

Instead of plucking nose hairs, trimming them is the best solution. A scissors with a rounded tip is ideal for the job. We highly recommend that you clean your nose and the scissors thoroughly before using.

In addition to scissors, you can utilize an electric razor with a tip designed for this purpose. An electric razor can trim your nose hair easily with its rounded tip with small trimmer blades.

Plucking or waxing nose hairs is in no way recommended as these applications can have dangerous results. These methods should be avoided to eliminate the risk of infection.






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