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Eight Habits That Are RUINING YOUR HAIR

In the hassle of our busy lives, it is often hard to spare time for our hair. So we try to find the most practical and quick fixes when we are dealing with our hair. Unfortunately, some of these fixes turn into long term habits that will not provide good results in the long run. The truth is, we may be ruining our hair without even noticing.

So, let’s take a look at what these bad habits are and how we can keep our hair healthy.


Who doesn’t like to have hot water running down all throughout the body in cold winter time? However hot water washes away the natural oil in your scalp. It leaves your hair dry and fizzy. You can freely use hot water before shampooing but try to use cold water when you rinse the shampoo. Doing this will close the cuticles and keep your hair much smoother.


Extremely hot air when hair drying will have a similar effect on hair leaving it brittle and dry. Heat may dry your hair faster but may cause problems in the long run. Every time you use hot air, hair strands burn a little. This effect may be unnoticeable at first but it will be seen over time.

If the weather is hot already you can let your hair dry on its own or use the dryer from a safe distance and keep it mobile when drying.

You can always use heat protecting products to prevent damage. You can also use cold air to dry hair. This way the moisture will stay on hair and give it a shinier look.

You should be extra careful when blow-drying, flat-ironing or curling at high temperatures. Don’t forget to keep the temperature under 180 degrees Celsius when using a straightener.


You may feel like skipping conditioner to gain time when hair washing. However if you have long hair, using conditioner will keep your hair strong as it helps with the detangling process. In this way, you can brush your hair with ease which makes it more manageable and less prone to breaking from knots.

If you have really fine hair, you can change the order of products you are using which means you can use the conditioner first, wait for a few minutes and use the shampoo afterwards.

If you don’t like the greasy feeling of the conditioner, you can use it only for the end of the hair strands.


Your hair becomes fragile after a bath; so you should avoid brushing through it with a dense brush. A wide toothed comb is an ideal tool for detangling your hair and spreading the conditioner. If your hair is prone to getting tangled frequently, always start brushing it from the ends and work your way up until your hair is all detangled. By this way you can stop your hair from getting damaged.


Tight ponytails and braiding tug your scalp and create a tension at your hair follicles. This constant tugging can create headaches and damage your hair. A gentler hairdo will save you from both of these problems. Try to tie your hair in a loose fashion so that when you move your head it doesn’t create any tension on the hair.


Over-washing your hair can lead to dryness and brittleness, to the point that no matter what products you put into it, it is not going to style properly. It is understandable that you may feel the need to wash your hair more often in hot summer days. However our scalps offer natural oils and when we over-wash our hair, we can deplete these oils that we need. If you really need to wash your hair on a daily basis you can use a gentle shampoo specifically designed for daily use.


If you style your hair often and use lots of hair cosmetics in the process, your hair can become limp and dry. Cosmetic products tend to create a buildup in your hair, especially if you aren’t shampooing that well. These cosmetics create a layer on your hair that doesn’t allow for moisture and can dry your hair out.

So if you do a lot of hair styling with these products, it’s beneficial to use a clarifying shampoo twice a month.


A white spot appears in the hair strand before it breaks and splits. If you have a habit of playing with your hair you may want to snap that piece of hair off. However snapping it from those weak points may result in more splitting. Sometimes even the split ends have their own splits. Messing with those spots is a very bad habit that weakens your hair. Keeping your hands off those spots will make your hair much more healthier.





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