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Do your legs look like this? If so, you should definitely watch this video.

 Smooth and elegant legs are every woman’s dream. Sadly varicose veins hinder this sight.

This is a condition characterized by veins that appear on legs as colored, highlighted veins. Women are more likely to have this condition although it is also seen in men. Varicose veins appear when the veins located in the lower part of the leg become enlarged, stretched and undulated. They can be caused by pregnancy, obesity, bad posture, inheritance or standing for long periods. They can lead to pain, itchiness, swelling, night cramps and open wounds along with the unsightly view. Experts state that this problem can easily be dealt with some exercises that cure these veins and prevent the appearance of them in the first place. The exercises we are about to show you may help you regulate your blood circulation and cures these veins. Now if you are ready let’s take a look at these exercises:


Lie on your back. Bend and hold your healthy leg still. Now raise the leg with varicose veins. Try not to bend your knee while lifting the leg. Pull your toes back and hold this position.  Bring the lifted leg to the other leg’s level and wait for 10-15 seconds. Your leg muscles may become tired but that is normal. Repeat 10 times.


Bend your legs slightly and raise them. Then draw circles with your feet as if you are riding an imaginary bicycle. Keep cycling for 30 seconds. Then put down your legs and rest a while. You can do this exercise for a whole minute although the ideal duration is 2 minutes. You can rest for 15 seconds after cycling for 30 seconds.


Stand up and keep your feet shoulder-width apart. You can use the support of a chair if you are having trouble keeping your balance. Slowly rise on your toes. Wait for 2-3 seconds and lower yourself. This exercise works your calf muscles accelerating the flow of blood in this area. Start with 10 repetitions but try to raise the number to 20.


Keep your feet shoulder-width apart and press your heels firmly to the ground.  Gently bend your knees and squat down. Push your butt outwards. Try to do the exercise slowly. If you are having balance issues, use the support of a chair. In that case, pretend that you are sitting on a chair. You can sit on the chair for real in case you lose balance. Doing the exercise slowly will help you keep your balance. Try not to force yourself when squatting to prevent pain in knees and legs. Do the exercise 10 times every day in the first week but try to increase it to 20.


Our last exercise lets you rest, facilitates venous drainage and increases circulation. Lie down on your back and try to bring your butt as close to the wall as possible. Now extend your legs up. Try to keep your legs as straight as possible. But if it feels hard to keep them straight, feel free to bend your legs slightly for your comfort. You can also put a pillow under your neck and butt. Rest for 2 minutes in this position.

Try to do these 5 exercises regularly for 2 weeks. You’ll see your varicose veins getting better. Depending on your condition you may continue more than 2 weeks to achieve better results. In addition to these exercises, we advise you to walk, go for swim or ride a bike for half an hour every day.


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