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OCRA SEEDS: A rare known natural remedy for KNEE PAIN and BRONCHITIS

Ocra, also known as the lady’s finger holds a very special place among other summer vegetables. It may not be everybody’s favorite vegetable, thanks to its gooey secretion when cooked. However ocra has a great deal of health benefits. It has high fiber content, lots of vitamins and minerals which strengthen the immune system and keep your overall heath in good shape.

Ocra seeds also have health benefits. According to some researchers these seeds can provide a remedy for a variety of health conditions. Now let’s take a look at two of these natural remedies in detail.

1. Ocra seeds for bronchitis

Ocra seeds can help to ease chest pain and throat irritation. They can also be helpful to people with asthma. All you need to do is to grind and roast okra seeds just like coffee and drink it without any sugar or sweeteners.

You can also crust the seeds, keep them in water for a few minutes and then drink. Drinking this recipe two times a day for two weeks will alleviate chest pain and cure throat irritation.

You can also make a healthy paste with ocra seeds.

All you need is:

– 1/4 cup of ocra seeds
– 2 tbsp of organic honey
– 5 tbsp of organic oliveoil


Grind the ocra seeds throughly until they become like a fine flour.Put the flour in a jar and add honey and oliveoil. Stir the mixture until it becomes a smooth even paste. You can adjust the amount of honey and oliveoil to your liking.

Eat a teaspoon of this mixture a day ideally half an hour before breakfast for 1 month. It can cure a newly formed cough with ease. People with asthma will also feel much better with this mixture.

2. Ocra seeds for knee pain

A knee joint is surrounded by a membrane which produces a fluid known as the synovial fluid. This fluid keeps the joints slippery enough so joints move easily. Knee pain occurs when this fluid decreases.

This remedy we are about to give you is not backed up by science. However user reports tell that it can alleviate knee pain caused by fluid loss.

All you need to do is to put 10 ocra seeds in a cup of water. Leave them soaked overnight. Drink the water next morning on empty stomach and swallow the seeds. Users report that in one week you can feel your knees going better and for some cases the pain is gone completely in 3 months of regular using.



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